2012 Wine Tourism Conference to be November 14-15 in Sonoma County

We are very pleased to announce the 2012 Wine Tourism Conference will take place at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.

Granted, this really wasn’t our idea. At the first Wine Tourism Conference this past November, attendees overwhelmingly voted to make the conference an annual event and when Ken Fischang from the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau suggested Sonoma as the next location, he was greeted by loud cheers.

We again have an incredible array of local partners (see the list to the right) who will help guide us in determining content and speakers. If you have any suggestions for content, topics, or speakers, please email Allan Wright at allan@winetourismconference.org.

Three additions to the conference we will definitely include, based on participants’ suggestions:

  • A formal Networking Session where you will be able to meet many if not all the other attendees. With the 2011 Wine Tourism Conference attendees being a veritable Who’s Who list of wine tourism professionals, this is an important aspect of the conference.
  • Industry Tracks for segments of the wine tourism communities (wineries, winery associations, tourism associations, tour operators, etc) so you can discuss issues that pertain specifically to your business or organization.
  • We will offer Breakout Sessions that will allow us to have smaller, more intimate discussions in addition to the large all-group speakers and panels.

Registration is open so please join us in November in Sonoma County!