China – Wine and Wine Tourism

On November 19 at this year’s Wine Tourism Conference we will have a panel on “China – Wine and Wine Tourism”.

The swirling rumors around China’s wine industry have been circulating for years, with the perceived threat to the world wine market if China is able to produce masses of high quality wine at a low price, in the same way they have affected the consumer goods market. We’ll learn about China’s domestic wine production during this panel.

We’ll also learn about opportunities for exporting wine to China. China is obviously a huge market but did you know China is now the number one consuming nation of red wine, surpassing France and Italy? China’s consumption has been growing incredibly quickly as good wine becomes popular. And with per capita consumption less than two liters per person, the Chinese market will likely continue to quickly expand.

Hitting to the heart of wine tourism, we’ll also discuss how Chinese overseas tourism is booming with wine tourism a particularly strong element of that. In recent years, the Chinese have loosened visa restrictions on their own citizens. Combined with the positive view Chinese have of the US and the surging popularity of wine, US wineries have a huge potential influx of visitors coming their way. We’ll learn about what Chinese wine tourists are seeking and how to accommodate them.

California is leading the charge for the US in terms of exporting wine to China and accommodating Chinese wine tourists. The panel will consist of these four experts in connecting China to California’s wine industry:

  • Christopher Beros, President and Chairman of California-China Wine Trading, Inc.
  • Brian Wright, in charge of DMO & Executive Relations at Visit California
  • Linsey Gallagher, Vice President, International Marketing for the Wine Institute
  • Steve Burns, owner of O’Donnell Lane L.L.C., a marketing, public relations and strategic planning firm.


  1. raymond ringhoff says

    I am looking at the possibility of doing wine tours to china from Australia and America an other countries’ through my web site that I am developing. I would like more information about china’s wine and wine tourism that you may have. Also how does one become eligible to attend a Wine Tourism Conference in the future. Does one have to be a member. this info will be very helpful to me on my wine tours plans thank you

    • says

      I’m representing a Chinese winery called “Chateau Nine Peaks” the domain is located at
      Laixi, 130 km north from Qingdao (Shandong Province) .
      The domain covers 150Ha mainly planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vines, all of them imported from France. The team combines several nationalities and gathers a broad international experience,helping to understand and foster the potential of the terroir.Our brand Chateau Nine Peaks is recognized as one of the rising star in the Chinese market and the wines have gathered early recognition by critics such as Francis Robinson. If you like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      • says

        hi Anne please send me all the information you have about your winery ok also about the wine region your winery is located in also if any company is doing wine tours in the area I’ve been to china to the wine area by Xian and do have friends in china but I want to explore doing wine tours to china while doing my Vietnam wine tours I need to contact and net work with winery people and tourism people I wish to stay in contact with you ok

    • says

      Raymond, unfortunately we don’t have any special information on China’s wine tourism other than what will be presented in this session.

      The conference is open to all wine and tourism professionals – you just need to register to attend.