Great American Wine Festival Announced

The first-ever Great American Wine Festival will take place the day after the conference, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Saturday, November 16th. The first 25 winery associations that register for the conference are eligible to pour at the festival at no charge.

The Wine Tourism Conference presents a unique opportunity to create a unique festival. With wine associations attending from throughout North America, we’ll be able to present a true “Great American Wine Festival” for local consumers who have probably never tried wines from wine areas such as Idaho, Ohio, Ontario, and many more of our represented regions.

The 2013 festival will be small, with a maximum of 500 attendees, including trade and media. However, our sights are set high. In fact, our model is the Great American Beer Festival, which takes place each year in Denver with 50,000 attendees. There is no similar wine festival representing all of North America and we hope to become that gathering place.

Please plan to extend your stay to take part in the festival, either as a consumer or as an exhibitor.