Industry Track Breakout Sessions Provide Valuable Feedback

Last year one of the most popular moments of the conference was an impromptu session where attendees briefly noted what types of wine tourism initiatives they had implemented in the past year or were working towards. It was fast paced and more people wanted to speak than time allowed. So in order to facilitate a deeper discussion this year, we are breaking into four industry track groups to pose specific questions and elicit feedback from you directly about the trends, issues, concerns and best practices in wine tourism as it relates to your particular business.

The breakout sessions will occur on Wednesday, November 14, from 2-4pm and will be moderated by industry peers in four categories: Wineries, Wine &Tourism Associations, Tour Operators, and the fourth group Other Wine Tourism Professionals, that includes Lodging Providers, PR, and Media.

Each group will do introductions and have a moderated general discussion and share best practices for their particular business. Please come prepared to share your own success stories and join the discussion on the following topics as they apply to your clients, guests, and readers:

* What are you currently doing to promote wine tourism initiatives?
* What types of collaborations or partnerships have you engaged with in the last year?
* What Social Media success stories or disasters have you experienced or observed?
* What trends do you see developing that impact wine tourism?
* How has wine tourism changed in the last five years and what does the future look like?

Let us know if there are other topics or questions not listed above you would like to pose to the group and discuss.