Representation from Across North America at the WMTC

wmtc-perspectivesOne of the benefits of moving the Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference each year is that it makes it more easily attended by the local wine and tourism industries. This year we will have big representation from Texas.

Yet the WMTC attracts attendees from throughout North America every year. At this point, we already have registrations from 23 different US states and Canadian provinces.

One advantage to this wide representation is learning about the many booming wine regions in North America, often due to local sales and visitation. This year, we have a special session titled Perspectives on Wine Tourism from Emerging Regions with these speakers:

  • Lorri Hathaway, Michigan
  • Chris Goblet, New Mexico
  • Miki Finnin, Oklahoma
  • Aaron Liersemann, Mt. Hood Territory, Oregon
  • Nicholas Wilson, British Columbia
  • Jess Koehler, Ramona Valley, California
  • Cheryl Smith, Georgia
  • Gillian Mainguy, Nova Scotia
  • Rebecca Gushen, Maryland
  • Kristin Ballard, Nebraska
  • Devon Perry, South Jersey

When before have you ever had a chance to learn about the wine industry in all these regions, much less all at one time?

Another advantage is getting to taste wines from a large number of locations. In 2016, our Expo will include wines from these states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington

If you represent a wine region not represented in the above list, please register for the conference today!