Touring and Tasting Magazine on Board

For the past 17 years, the mission of Touring & Tasting Marketing and Media has been promoting tourism to the wine regions of North America. What a perfect partner to have for the first-ever Wine Tourism Conference in North America.

Touring and Tasting Magazine

We had some contact with Touring and Tasting in prior months but it wasn’t until the Wine Bloggers Conference in late July that things started moving. And once they started moving, they moved fast.

We have had few organizations respond so quickly and so enthusiastically to the idea of a Wine Tourism Conference. The people at Touring and Tasting with whom we have conversed about the conference have been unanimously upbeat about this conference.

The award-winning national publication Touring & Tasting has earned the reputation as “The Definitive Guide to Wine Country” – providing an indispensable resource for anyone interested in traveling to wine country and the wine country lifestyle. Touring & Tasting works closely with tourism entities, vintners associations, wineries, tasting rooms and accommodations throughout the country, helping them promote their wine country business through an integrated, bundled marketing program that reaches wine lovers and travelers through a wide spectrum of media formats and platforms.

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