Which International Wine Regions Will Step Up Next?

The Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference is not just for those of us in North America.

At last year’s conference we had Sally Cope, Executive Officer of Ultimate Winery Experiences in Australia, as our keynote speaker. We also had an excellent session called International Perspectives on Wine Tourism in which representatives from Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Chile, and Ontario spoke about wine tourism in their region.

We again invite our colleagues from the wine and tourism industries outside North America to attend the Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference. Here is what you can expect:

  • An opportunity for six of you to speak at the International Perspectives on Wine Tourism session.
  • If you are a winery association or tourism promotion agency, a free opportunity to staff a table and pour your wines at our Expo.
  • Valuable content on tourism and marketing that is generic to all wine regions of the world.
  • The ability to interact with wine tourism leaders from throughout North America and beyond, providing invaluable contacts for your future endeavors.

To participate, simply register for the conference today. You will be asked about staffing an Expo table in the registration form and we’ll contact you about possibly speaking at the conference.