Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference Call for Content

The Call for Content for the 2016 Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference is now open:

Content Proposal Form

Please keep in mind several things concerning content proposals:

  • If you wish to apply to present during International Perspectives on Wine Tourism, please use the separate form
  • The last day to submit a proposal is Friday, February 26 (except for the International Perspectives submissions)
  • All content sessions should be related to wine marketing and/or wine tourism
  • The best sessions provide real-world examples and offer concrete, useful takeaways
  • We already have pre-conference workshops set up covering social media marketing, tasting room management, best practices for tour operators, and winery and tourism associations.
  • We will take all proposals, edit as needed based on our experience and prior history of presentations, and present to the WTC alumni for their vote
  • Those sessions that get rated as most interesting will be the ones accepted into the conference agenda
  • We will provide a free registration to all speakers but presenters must pay their own travel and hotel costs

The 2016 Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference will attract approximately 180 high-level attendees from around North America and the world.


  1. says

    Just a couple quick ideas:
    ~Managing crowd flow/Reservation Systems
    Wine Road 290 as it is referred to here in Texas is seeing rapidly growing traffic. Managing and controlling the flow without reducing the customer experience is a growing problem for many wineries here, but also nationwide. There is a consumer education aspect to this that many places fail to reach.

    ~Elevating the Experience/Offering Experiences Beyond a basic tasting
    As more and more people continue to come to your winery how do you keep the experience fresh and new as well as giving them new options and ideas to try on their next visit. This can also touch on segmentation of clients and maximization of sales opportunities.

    ~Recruiting and Retention to promote a consistent brand image (Somebdoy else already mentioned it, so not going too far into it)

  2. Konnie Patke says

    The following list was developed as a group effort:

    • Winery events/activities that have worked and failed
    • Technology uses in the winery, tasting room and for marketing
    • How are you telling your story? This is part of a branding
    • Customer Service beyond being nice to people
    • Recruiting and Retaining team members
    • Keynote address with a message(might need sponsors)
    • Keeping people engaged after the first visit
    • How tour operators can add value