WMTC16 Presentations

Thank you for attending the 2016 Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference!

Below are links to available 2016 presentations.  For reference, you can review the 2016 agenda as well.

Please note that not all presenters had visual presentations or approved us to share their copies.

Keynote Presentation - Scott Stanchak Winery Passport

Content Creation – Everything You Should Know by Beth Peluse Zephyr Adventures

The Value of Working With Wine Bloggers by Jason Stubblefield CorkEvny.com

State Sponsored Tourism Promotion - by Doug Caskey Colorado Wine Industry Development Board

Modern Day PR – Paul Wagner Balzac Communications

Wine Country Videos by Dina Mande Juice Media

Creating Engaging Activities & Events by Beth Costa (coming soon!)


Perspectives from Emerging Wine Regions:

British Columbia by Nick Wilson Wicked Wine Tours

Georgia by Cheryl Smith Georgia Department of Economic Development

Maryland by Rebecca Dulka Grow & Fortify – Maryland Wineries Association

Michigan by Lori Hathaway Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

Mt. Hood by Aaron Liersemann Mount Hood Territory

Nebraska by Kristin Ballard Nebraska Wine Tours

New Mexico by Chris Goblet New Mexico Wine & Grape Growers Assoc.

Nova Scotia by Gillian Mainguy Wines of Nova Scotia

Oklahoma by Miki Finnin The Vineyard Trail

South Jersey by Devon Perry Visit South Jersey

Ramona Valley by Jess Koehler Ramona Valley Wineries